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Post 605 Commanders Corner

Hello Everyone,
I hope this newsletter f inds you well. Welcome to summer!Time for swimming, vacation, and a/c.

The Memorial Day parade, service at Union Cemetery, and the ham & green bean lunch were a big success. Thank you to all the entities working together. As you all know, I’ve always been a big believer in all the entities working together. To push this thought even further at its core, it’s every member working together as one big family.

During these summer months, our legion will be hosting several fundraisers.Please help and support these events. These fundraisers help raise moneythat goes back into the legion for all our f inancial needs.

Just a reminder: every other Thursday we have Crab Night starting at 5:00 pmuntil we are out of crabs! The crabs are supplied by Paddy’s Crabs and are delicious.

Thank you for your support,
John Dunlop


Greetings from Chapter 605 of the Riders!

Greetings from the Riders!
Chapter 605 kicked off the 2024 riding season with our very f irst “Bike Blessing.” A special thank you to Pastor Patti Bream from Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church for delivering the inspirational blessing to our Riders.

Our Chapter proudly participated in the Dallastown Post 605 Memorial Day Parade, with Kathy Bauer and Dawn Paul leading the way, carrying our banner. There’s no place I’d rather be on Memorial Day than at Union Cemetery, alongside the Dallastown community, honoring those who made the ultimate sacrif ice.

On June 22nd, Chapter 605 helped facilitate the Building Bridges for Brianna (BB4B) Ride. This ride included not only motorcycles but also Jeeps, in honor of Brianna, who loved riding on her dad’s motorcycle and had her heart set on owning a Jeep as her f irst car. We gathered at Dallastown High School, where live music kept everyone entertained. The ride, escorted by the Pennsylvania State Police, featured all intersections on the route pre-blocked by local EMS. Hearing the cheers as we rode down Main Street in Dallastown was incredibly moving. The ride concluded at the Dallastown Community Park, where we kicked off the Building Bridges for Brianna Festival. This event was the largest in our Chapter’s history, attracting hundreds of participants and extensive media coverage. If you couldn’t join us this year, please consider supporting this worthy cause next year.

It has been a pleasure being welcomed back as your director for the past year and I want to give a big thank you to all the off icers that I have worked with. Introducing our new Chapter 605 Off icers for 2025:
•    Director: Matt (Sandman) Dorgan
•    Assistant Director: Slade (Skull) Genslicki
•    Road Captain: Mark Bauer
•    Secretary: Linda (Slick) Genslicki
•    Treasurer: Dawn Paul
•    Chaplain: Bob (Bobby) Bupp
•    Sergeant at Arms: Randy Kreidler, Lester (Free Food) Mummert, George (Skippy) Fleagle

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Chapter 605 for creating the shadowbox displaying my late wife Terri Sue’s ALR vest. She was one of the thirty original members who founded Chapter 605 back in February 2007. Knowing her vest will be on display in the Canteen at Post 605 in perpetuity is deeply moving. She is smiling down on us!
Ride Safe!

George “Skippy” Fleagle, P.E.
Chapter 605 Director and Founder


Welcome to summer! The heat is on! With that in mind, make sure you’re checking on your neighbors and veterans. If you’re helping them with any activities, make sure you f ill out a Consolidation activity slip at our meetings so that can be added to the next Consolidation Report in June of 2025.

Without the Post having a Small Games of Chance (SGC) license, there will be no Meat Raff les.Once the Post obtains the SGC license, raff les will resume. 

I would like to see more members attend our meeting and get involved with our activities. Learn about our incentive program. Help our veterans and our community. Our meetings are the 1st Thursday of every month at 6 pm. For the rest of 2024 they are Jul 11th  (since the 1st Thursday is the 4th of July),  Aug 1st, Sep 5th, Oct 3rd, Nov 7th and Dec 5th. For 2025 they are Jan 2nd, Feb 6th, Mar 6th, Apr 3rd, May1st and Jun5th. And enjoy a lite meal with all afterwards. 
I did receive the new membership cards this past Sunday at our District 22 SAL meeting. Dues for 2024-2025 will remain at $35. It would make things go a lot easier if folks started paying their dues now instead of the end of this year. 
As far as District 22 goes, at the last meeting on Sunday, June 16th at Shiloh Post 791, off icers were elected for the coming year. They are:
•    Robert Stouffer, SAL District 22 Commander.
•    Ron Keefer, SAL District 22 1st Vice Commander.
•    Mitch Mummert, SAL District 22 SAL 2nd Vice Commander.
•    JW Weedon Sr., SAL District 22 Finance Off icer.
•    Other positions will be assigned by the Commander. 
At our last SAL 605 meeting, off icers were elected for 2024-2025. Your new off icers are:
•    Jerry Stenclik, Commander
•    Roger Solarczyk, 1st Vice Commander
•    Roger Hart, 2nd Vice Commander
•    Robert Good, Adjutant
•    Thomas Bream, Finance Off icer
•    Dennis List, Chaplain
•    Rick Bogart, Historian
•    Sergeant At Arms: Dan McGranaghan, Michael Grim, Bill Orris
We’ll make sure we keep our bulletin board and TV monitors up to date with all our events.
If you have any questions, please reach out to one of your 2024-2025 off icers:
Jerry Stenclik, SAL 605 Commander, jstenclik@comcast.net  717-887-5315

Legion Auxiliary

Congratulations to all newly elected Dallastown American Legion Auxiliary, Post, Riders, and Sons of the Legion Off icers. It's great to see such dedicated individuals stepping up to serve the legion, veterans, and the community.

The Auxiliary is pleased to announce the winners of our Essay Contest at the AFFY Council Level: Grade 3 Viktoria Poirier and Grade 6 Dalton Ilyes. Dalton's essay went on to win First Place at the Department level and National level. Fantastic job, Dalton! This is the f irst time an essay winner from Dallastown has won First Placeat the National level!!! Also, big congratulations to Isha Modi for representing Dallastown American Legion Unit 605 at Keystone Girls State this year.

The Auxiliary has been active over the past few months, including but not limited to the following: partnering with the Post’s Community Easter Egg Hunt by stuff ing eggs and donating approximately 70 dozen plastic eggs for next year's event; placing f lags on the graves of Fallen Veterans and committing to continue this tradition next year; and participating in the Memorial Day events, from preparing, making, and serving ham and bean soup to walking in the parade with Little Miss Poppy, who gave out poppies to veterans and candy to all the children. Little Miss Poppy thanks the Riders for giving her a ride at the end of the parade. The Auxiliary continues to demonstrate our commitment to honoring and remembering those who have served. Additionally, the Auxiliary donated to the Veteran Outreach Car & Bike Show and Building Bridges for Brianna, showing the Auxiliary’s ongoing support for important causes within the community.

If you are interested in volunteering to help with any events, please contact me at (717) 501-6524. With the Auxiliary's teamwork and collaboration with all levels of the Dallastown American Legion, we as a team can make a positive impact on the community and support veterans and their families.

Looking forward to a year of teamwork and collaboration!

Respectfully Submitted,
Teri Hollway
Auxiliary President