Dallastown Post 605

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Commander’s Corner

Hello fellow Legionnaires and members of the Post!
I would like to thank Everyone for helping me make last year a huge success. This year, our goal
for membership is 790! I know we can get it and we have the chance of getting back to over 800, which

was pre-covid numbers for membership. But, I need everyone’s help. So, let’s keep the momentum

from last year going, build off it, and drive membership all the way to the finish line! As mentioned I

need your help to get there, in two areas. One. I’m asking that every Legionnaire and member of the

Post to recruit 5 new members this year, just “5”. We can do this. Second. I want to have 100%

membership by the end of December. Membership is still only $35. This can be achieved if everyone

just does their part. Pay your membership as soon as possible and recruit 5 new members. Reminder

that the legion calendar year runs from July 1 st to June 30th . So, if you haven’t paid your membership yet,

you are 3 months late.

To help with membership, Myself and fellow Legion family leaders, were able to have a

membership drive table at the Dallastown Carnival. This was a huge success in that it brought in 9 New

members to the post. We currently sit at 18 new members Which is more than what we had all last

year! Another area the Post needs help in, is for its own members coming out to visit it. We need more

people to come out and support the Post. The Post is there for us and in return we need to be there for

it. Come out and support it. The Post means a lot to this Community; All the Veterans we help, to the

Children of this Community, and countless fundraisers and projects the Post helps with. Lastly, there are

a couple events coming up that are very important. Sunday, November 13 th @ 2pm will be our Annual

Veteran’s Day Ceremony at the Post. Guest Speaker for the event is Mr. Bruce Bartz. Bruce is also a

veteran himself and founder of the Bartz Brigade. Which brings awareness to Mental health for

Veterans. Please come out for the event, hope to see you there. Saturday, December 17 th @ 10 am, is

our Annual Children’s Christmas. Beth Rebert and her amazing Polar Express story telling will be there,

gifts, and candy will follow.

In review please recruit 5 new members and pay your membership up to date as soon as possible.

For God and Country,

Branon Wiley

Post Commander Dallastown American legion Post 605



I would like to thank all the members that volunteered their time selling gun raffle tickets at the

Dallastown Carnival for our September 8 th drawing. Winners are posted on the Son’s board in the

Canteen. Also thank you to all that attended the Installation of Officers meeting (8/28/2022) and the

District 22 SAL meeting (9/11/2022). At the last District meeting, Commander Jerry Stenclik did accept

the appointed position of Adjutant for the district. The next District meeting is Sunday, November 20 th at

noon at Mercersburg Post 517.

Your commander did submit the Consolidation Squadron Report in a timely fashion. Unfortunately

based on the last District 22 Son’s meeting, only 6 or 7 squadrons in our district submitted the report.

This is unfortunate because when these are presented to Congress it gives the appearance that

squadrons are doing nothing and that’s not the case. Our squadron has already turned in many

Consolidation activity slips for the new legion year. These slips are available at all our meetings.

Remember, if you’re helping a veteran or someone in our community with their yard work, taking them

to the grocery store, picking up prescriptions, etc. this all counts as documentation.

Our next 2022 fundraiser will be our Holiday meat raffle to be drawn in December 2022. This will be

arranged at our upcoming meeting on Thursday, October 6 th at 6 pm.

Come to our meetings; get involved. Learn about our incentive program. Help our veterans and our

community. Our meetings are the 1st Thursday of every month at 6 pm. For this new legion year, our

meeting dates are: Oct 6, 2022, Nov 3, 2022, Dec 1, 2022, Jan 5, 2023, Feb 2, 2023, Mar 2, 2023, Apr 6,

2023, May 4, 2023 and Jun 1, 2023. And enjoy a lite meal with all afterwards. We’ll make sure we keep

our bulletin board and TV monitors up to date with all our events.

We currently have an opening for 2 nd Vice Commander and this will be discussed at our October

meeting. If interested in serving in this position, make sure you’re at this meeting.

Membership dues are due now. Please get your renewals in ($35) as soon as possible. We achieved

100%+ last year and we want to do the same again, and meet or beat the target dates put out by the

Legion. Squadron 605 is currently leading all other squadrons in our district!

Commander Jerry Stenclik




American Legion Auxiliary

The Dallastown American Legion Auxiliary is looking forward to another robust year while continuing to support Veterans and our community. 
Congratulations to the 2022-2023 American Legion Auxiliary Unit #605 Officers:

President:  Sally J. Dadich

1st Vice: Christina Wuyscik

2nd Vice: Karen Dressel

Secretary: Barb Kovacs

Treasurer: Linda Slenker

Sergeant at Arms: Carrie Page & Kathy Aldinger

Chaplain: Sandy Kellenberger

Historian and Member Chair:  Sue Parkkonen


It is time to renew for 2023.  Due no later than December 30, 2022.

Checks should be made payable to: ALA UNIT 605 -- Dues is $30.00 with a $5 late fee due if you renew after December 30th.   ** If you would prefer to renew online, Renew Online   (be sure to choose Unit 605)
Participate in the 10 plus 3 in 2023 and recruit-recruit-recruit!

Sign up 10 new members and 3 junior members for 2023 membership.  Each recruiter will receive a special gift selected by the 2023 National Membership Committee Chairman.

Unit # 605 was recognized for 100% Renewals for 2022 and our Legion was honored with the 100% American Legion Family Ribbon award showing 100% Membership for 2022.  Let’s do this again
Volunteer Impact:

Our Auxiliary donated over 1,200 hours of volunteer time last year.  Keep track and report your volunteer hours to Sally Dadich.  Our impact in the community is noticeable.  Let’s celebrate this and continue to report your hours.

We hope that you will consider joining us for any of our fundraising events so that we can continue to donate to causes that can benefit our community members.  Some events to look forward to, include:

Come visit and join our page.  We would love to get to know you!
~Sally J Dadich, President, American Legion Auxiliary, Unit #605


From Membership Committee:

I just wanted to thank over half of the post's legion membership who have already renewed their membership for this year. As many of you are aware from the billing that was mailed the membership renewal year has started. This means that from now until December we will be actively asking members to renew their membership. A third of you already have done this online by using their mylegion.org account. Any legion member has the ability to sign up on this site. You have the ability to manage your account from the convenience of your own home. If you have the ability to sign onto a computer you can create a My Legion account.  This account allows you to access the legion website, examples include; change your address, personal information or look up account status. You also get exclusive account notices on different benefits that your American Legion has to offer. I have had many questions about lifetime memberships. You can get step by step instructions on how to do this as well as different options on how to pay this off.  Finally if you wait to pay your dues you will receive ongoing billing notifications. This will continue to happen until your bill is paid. As for those folks who have questions about the bills this year the national organization which handles all billing tried a different format. This did not work out so well as they were planning. When you sign onto the my legion account you will find out exactly how your account stands. I want everyone to understand that the post is doing everything it can to keep things going. Again we thank all of you for supporting our great organization. Be safe and blessed as we move into the fall. The membership team. 

From the post adjutant:

The summer is almost over and your newly elected officers are already hard at work making plans to keep the post doing its work. As the commander will tell you, we are lining up arrangements for veterans day. I hope many of you will consider coming out this year. As the membership team told you they are busy at work trying to get the membership renewals completed by December 31st. In the past renewing memberships has taken all year long. Even though the calendar year runs from January to December we as an organization start in the business year. We try to give the members ample time to renew and keep their membership active. As many of you who watch the news are aware we are coming up on a very important election process. Politicians are more aware of veterans and their concerns and how all of this affects not only you but your families. I hope that all of you will make plans to vote this November. We need to show we have a very strong voice not only in our community but our nation. The numbers do matter and Pennsylvainia has one of the largest state departments in our union. So we want them to take us seriously. The last thing to think about is how many of our comrades and friends have already passed this year. I watch so many people who worked hard over the years slowly fade away. Please keep them and their families in your prayers. We have many members of our post family who are suffering in their health, including them as well in your kind thoughts and prayers. Have a great fall and support your veterans, post and community. God Bless. 



Legion Riders

Did you know?  More than 2,200 American Legion Rider chapters, organized by local American Legion posts and departments worldwide, actively support American Legion programs in every state and in several countries overseas. The Riders represent one of The American Legion’s fastest growing and most visible activities, as they perform service activities in their communities. The Riders are supported by Legion posts and departments, Sons of The American Legion Squadrons, American Legion Auxiliary Units, and private donations.  Riders’ chapters are active in their communities as well, participating in countless events and providing escorts for military flights carrying servicemen and women home to their communities and loved ones, as well as serving as honor guards and ceremonial teams to protect the sanctity of veterans’ funerals. 

Dallastown 605 Riders have supported numerous memorial rides, dedications, funeral services, flag lines, and fundraisers throughout our community.  Every dollar that is raised in our activities is donated back to honor our Fallen Heroes and to support their families and their legacies.  Our largest event, the 11th Annual Fallen Heroes Ride, will be held on Saturday, June 3rd, 2023 – DON’T MISS IT!

Upcoming Rides / Events:

Saturday November 5th, 2022, 1130 Hours – Go Army, Beat Air Force Game!

Saturday November 5th, 2022 (time TBD) 26th Annual Dave Miliken Toy Run to Hershey

Saturday November 12th, 2022, 0830 Hours – Honor Bus Escort – Northeastern High School

Friday December 9th, 2022, 1900 Hours – Annual Rider’s Christmas Party @ Post 605

Saturday, December 10th, 2022, 1500 Hours – Go Army, Beat Navy Game!

Saturday December 17th, 2022, 1200 Hours - Wreaths Across America – Susquehanna Memorial Gardens

Finally, we are always looking for additional members who want to ride in Honor of those who cannot! Please see our Member Chairs, Sally Dadich, or Sue Posey, about becoming a 605 Rider.

Ride Safe and God Bless our Heroes!

David Dadich, USMA ‘91

ALR 605 President