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Dallastown Post 605 Dallastown, PA
February 2019


Legion Riders

Happy New Year and welcome to a new 2019 riding season!  Though most of our bikes are either in storage or it is too cold to ride, the American Legion Riders continue to support our establishment, veterans, and Active Duty personnel in many ways.  If you have a motorcycle and wish to join the Dallastown Post 605 American Legion Riders, please reach out to one of our riders for details (we have our roster with contact information posted on the Rider’s board in the canteen).



For the winter riding season, watch for snow, ice, and salt/gravel…and always reminder to dress for the cold weather when riding, as you can see by the chart below, even if it seems warm enough to ride, the wind chill and air temperature are drastically different on a motorcycle!



Upcoming Events:

-28 February 7:00 PM Rider’s meeting

-28 March 7:00 PM Rider’s meeting


Ride Safe and God Bless our Heroes!


“WP” David Dadich

ALR 605 President



Happy New Year to all! I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and got to enjoy it with family and friends.

Did you help a veteran out or someone in the community over the holidays? Well if you did, please make sure you fill out a form at out meeting that will assist us in preparing the Consolidated Squadron Report (CSR).  

Our next meeting is Thursday, January 3rd at 6 pm. At our meeting, we’ll tell how much we raised at our meat raffle in the Canteen on Dec 28th, discuss the Chili Cook-Off on Saturday, March 30th and other old and new business, and enjoy a light meal.

Some upcoming events to put on your calendar:

Thu, 2/7/19 @ 6 pm- SAL monthly meeting

Thu, 3/7/19 @ 6 pm- SAL monthly meeting

Fri, 3/29/19 @ 5:30 pm- SAL meet raffle in the Canteen

Sat, 3/30/19 from Noon – 4 pm: SAL 605 Chili Cook-Off


Hope to see everyone on Jan 3rd at 6 pm.

Jerry Stenclik, SAL Commander

717-887-5315 (cell)

717-456-4491 (work)





We are fast approaching the end of another business year. We will be preparing for elections of officers for the new fiscal year. Also we will be needing to fill committee positions for all of the events that we host throughout the year. Please consider helping in some aspect of our post business. Also we are in need of new members. So many of our older members are paying their last respects to our heavenly commander in chief. With them gone we need to fill the ranks and look to the future. The Legion is not just our post it is the an entire community of veterans who need to know they are not alone. Membership means more than just coming to our meetings or post home. It means standing up and saying that we still matter even if we are not in uniform. Our rights as citizens and veterans are guaranteed but could be lost if not for the work of Legion making known our voice in the capitol. Also we are an army of volunteers who can be counted on in time of national crisis. Every year our volunteers put in hundreds of hours to help make our community a better place. We need young hearts and voices to keep the work going. If you know of a young veteran in the community that could benefit from being a part of our organization please invite them to come to join our family. Have a good month, stay safe and warm. God bless you all as we work through this winter. 

From Ronald Nickey

From the land of the has beens....

  I am pleased to announce that Post 605 is sponsoring an appreciation for our members that are Vietnam era veterans in the form of a picnic.   It is to be held on June 15th.  Location to be determined.  

Invitations will be mailed in December and must be returned to me by February 28th. Once invitations are returned and counted the location will be announced and another mailing will be done so everyone is aware.

Members are free.  If you bring a guest it will be 5 dollars.  I was hesitant to charge for guests however, the size of this undertaking is extensive due to the amount of members that may come.  Any leftover funds will be donated to the Post 605 relief fund.

In addition to your guest you may also bring one Vietnam Veteran that is not a member of Post 605 or another Legion.  If that member brings a copy of their DD214 Post 605 will pay their 1st years membership.   We must know by February 28th for this as well.

We promise a good day of comradeship and patriotism.   If for some reason you do not receive an invitation there will be a signup sheet at the legion so we may update your address.

As with everything volunteers will be needed.  The amount and what's needed will be revealed once we are farther into the planning stages.  I'll keep you posted. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE.  In an effort to accommodate everyone and ensure all interested parties are able to attend,  there will be two vans available to pick people up and return them home.  

Thank you!

Ronald Nickey 
Canteen Corner

       Here at Post 605 we will be holding another Canteen Town Hall Meeting on Sunday Feb.24th. at 9:00 am. This is a meeting for Everyone. Once again, we are always looking for ideas & suggestions to help make this a better Post.
See you there!!
           We have been very lucky to be in the position to help our Veterans, not only in our area, but others outside the local community. Since the Small Games of Chance laws came into effect, a lot of our brother Legions are struggling to keep their doors open & they send their veterans to Post 605 for help. Just recently we were able to help some active duty Coast Guard families that were affected by the goverment shut down. This is why we are here! What a Great feeling to give back to those who put their country before themselves! Members you should be PROUD!! 
           Sat the 26th of Jan. Island party was a great sucess!  Hoping you had a chance to come in to listen to the Reggie music & sample some of the island cuisine. Good to see all those who participated having fun & enjoying themselves!
          I would like to mention the passing of Clair Runkle. He was a past commander in the year 1993. He also had been a Director for many years & was very active in the operations of this Post & will be sadly missed by all who knew & worked with him. Fly High!!
         As you know Valentines day is right arund the corner. Thurs. the 14th we will be serving a special dinner for all you Lovers! Prime Rib & or Crab Legs Yummy! If you can not make it on the 14th, don't fret. We will have the same dinner specials for Friday & Saturday!  Also, Sunday Feb. the 24th we will have our next Shrimp Feed. 12-? 
         Thank you,
           your Directors & Managers

Post 605 Membership Committee

 We are trying to wrap up the renewals for the year. Also we are still getting returned cards in the mail. Address unknown unable to forward. If you did not get your card and renewed your dues please let us know. Make sure that your address is up to date. If you know of members who have an email address, but are not getting the post email notifications. Please make sure they drop off their email addresses to our post web master. The team will add your address to our mailing list. Lastly we want to thank all of the members who renewed early and for making our job easier. We are almost at 100% this is the earliest this has happened in the past five years. We still need to new members to join as we are losing many of our long time members as they address the final roster call in heaven. We always look forward to new member applications. We have been getting at least one a month. However, we have lost so many souls to our roster in the past year. We want our post to thrive and have a new burst of energy. As always you can get all of your updates on what is going on with the national legion business by going to their website at www.legion.org  We have links to many different legion happening on our web page. I hope that by next month we can report that the renewal was 100% and that we are growing. Please have a safe February and stay warm. God bless you all and spring is just around the corner. 


Death Benefits Papers

I have been putting reminders in the newsletter each time. Please follow thru with signing up. Also remember if you have a change of address to let us know or if your beneficiary has moved or changed please inform us. This is the only way your beneficiary can be paid the stipend. Please keep all information updated for us. I am hoping all do this as we are going to be asking you for email address as well. Any way we can contact is going to be good for you and the Post. 


 Remember that if you have a change of address, you must notify the Post, this will help in many ways, it will get your Death Benefit paid, it will get your monthly Legion magazine delivered to you, it will get your membership card sent to you. Please note that as of January 1. 2017 we are hoping to start sending you newsletters by email, if you have not turned your email address, please send an email topost605dallastown@gmail.com

Suggestion Box:

We thank you for your suggestions and continue to use the suggestion box.  However, there are times when the suggestion/complaint is vague and more information is needed for the Directors to take appropriate action.  We would appreciate if you would sign your name, in order that we can personally contact you.  Your name will be kept confidential.  Thanks for your cooperation.


To become a member of the Legion, we need the following:

1.  Legion membership application
2.  A copy of your discharge or form DD214.
3.  A payment of $35.00


Eligibility Dates.....

If you served honorably on active duty in the U.S. Military for at least
one day during any of the following periods, you can be a Legionnaire.

April 6, 1917 - Nov 11, 1918
Dec 7, 1941 - Dec 31, 1946
June 25, 1950 - Jan 31, 1955
Feb 28, 1961 - May 7, 1975
Aug 24, 1982 - July 31, 1984
Dec 20, 1989 - Jan 31, 1990
           Persian Gulf
Aug 2, 1990 - Present Day

For Booking Events Upstairs:
Banquet Hall
Kathy Nickey - 757-652-0079

Wakes -
Carrie Page 
Kitchen Hours
Sunday 9 am - 1 pm
Monday 11 am - 8 pm
Tuesday 11 am - 8 pm
Wednesday 11 am - 9 pm
Thursday 11 am - 9 pm
Friday 11 am - 9 pm
Saturday 9 am - 9 pm

Canteen Hours
Sunday 9 am - 11 pm
Monday 10 am - 11 pm
Tuesday 10 am - 11 pm
Wednesday 10 am - 11 pm
Thursday 10 am - 11 pm
Friday 10 am - 12 am
Saturday 9 am - 12 am

Please note: Food orders must be received at least 15 minutes PRIOR to the kitchen closing. Thank you for your understanding!

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